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Taylor Guitars Academy 10
Taylor Academy 10 Designed and built with beginner guitar players in mind, the Academy Series 10 combines the full-bodied tone and response of the classic dreadnought shape with Taylor's standards of comfort and playability. Our trademar ...
1476.26 BGN
1230.23 BGN
Taylor Guitars Academy 10e
Taylor Academy 10e This Dreadnought distills the essential features of a great acoustic guitar into a budget-friendly form. Our Academy Series was designed with developing players in mind, so the goal was to create as comfortable a playi ...
1710.96 BGN
1425.80 BGN
Taylor Guitars Academy 12-N nylon-string Grand Concert
Academy 12-N This nylon-string Grand Concert from our Academy Series may be the best nylon-string guitar you’ll find for the money. The underlying design goal of the series is to make the acoustic guitar accessible to more players by bri ...
1710.96 BGN
1425.80 BGN
Taylor Guitars American Dream AD17e Blacktop
Taylor American Dream AD17e Blacktop Built with solid ovangkol back and sides and a black, solid spruce top, the Grand Pacific AD17e asserts itself with a bold throwback aesthetic that complements its vintage-inspired tone. Ovangkol brin ...
4456.94 BGN
3714.12 BGN
Taylor Guitars GT Urban Ash
Taylor GT Urban Ash Designed from the ground up for comfort, playability and rich tone, the GT Urban Ash debuts a new compact body shape with a big, resonant acoustic voice. The GT (Grand Theater) shares the basic footprint of the jumbo- ...
3752.84 BGN
3127.37 BGN
Taylor Guitars GTe Urban Ash
GTe Urban Ash An exciting new entry into the world of acoustic-electric guitars, the GTe Urban Ash debuts a new body shape that’s sure to inspire players of all skill levels with its compact frame, accommodating feel, and robust acoustic ...
4222.25 BGN
3322.94 BGN
Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor BT1-e Walnut
Baby Taylor (BT1) A 3/4 size Dreadnought that yields a surprising amount of tone. The guitar that set the standard for the travel guitar market, the enduringly popular Baby Taylor makes a great musical companion. Portable, playable and a ...
1171.15 BGN
975.95 BGN
Taylor Guitars BT2e
Baby Mahogany (BT2e) The mahogany-top version of the Baby Taylor will yield a slightly darker, earthier tone than its spruce top sibling. The pint-size Dreadnought was originally inspired by a desire to provide a smaller, starter-size gu ...
1171.15 BGN
975.95 BGN
Taylor Guitars 110e Walnut
110e This Taylor Dreadnought pairs layered walnut back and sides with a solid spruce top, pumping out full-voiced tone that responds to strummers and flatpickers with deep lows, punchy mids, and clear treble notes. The slightly narrower ...
1875.25 BGN
1660.50 BGN
Taylor Guitars 114e Walnut
114e The 114e features our popular Grand Auditorium body style, whose physical dimensions have made it a popular choice for its appealing performance versatility. Layered walnut back and sides are topped with a solid Sitka spruce soundbo ...
1875.25 BGN
1660.50 BGN