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New  Roland ST-AX2
Synthesizer stand - Custom-Made for the AX-Edge • Convenient rest for the instrument onstage, at rehearsals or at home
95.78 BGN
79.82 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland TD-17
Drum Sound Module - Offers digital benefits to improve your drum skills • WARRANTY: 5 years
1269.32 BGN
1057.77 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland TD-50DP
Electronic Drumset - TD-50 Digital Upgrade Pack • Include: TD-50 Sound Module, PD-140DS Digital Snare, CY-18DR Digital Ride • WARRANTY: 3 years
6271.76 BGN
5613.24 BGN
4677.70 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland KD-140-BC
V-Kick Trigger Pad - 14" kick drum pad/trigger • Color: Black
1715.65 BGN
1466.87 BGN
1222.39 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland PCS-5F
Dual-Trigger Cables - 1.5m
10.98 BGN
9.15 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland PCS-10F
Dual-Trigger Cables - 3 m
14.66 BGN
12.22 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland PCS-15F
Dual-Trigger Cables - 4.5 m
18.34 BGN
15.28 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland SPD-1k
Percussion Pad - SPD::ONE KICK • The Simplest Way to Add Four-on-the-Floor Beats and Kick Drums to Your Performances • WARRANTY: 3 years
418.40 BGN
348.67 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland DJ-505
DJ Controller - Two-channel, four-deck Serato DJ Pro controller • WARRANTY: 3 years
1384.85 BGN
1154.04 BGN w/o vat
New  Roland HDD-500G
Hard disk - 500GB • Removable • Dedicated for Roland R-1000
709.45 BGN
591.21 BGN w/o vat
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Roland A-49
MIDI Keyboard Controller - Portable Control with Pro Action • 49 keys • Color Black • WARRANTY: 5 years
321.20 BGN
301.19 BGN
250.99 BGN w/o vat
Roland A-88 **
MIDI Keyboard Controller • 88 pro-quality weighted keys • The Portable Controller That Plays Like a Grand • Color Black • WARRANTY: 5 years
1442.77 BGN
996.00 BGN
830.00 BGN w/o vat
Roland A-800PRO
MIDI Keyboard Controller • Expressive 61-key model • A-PRO Series • Color Black • WARRANTY: 5 years
Roland INTEGRA-7
Sound Module - Flagship synth module with over 6,000 sounds built in • WARRANTY: 5 years
2944.70 BGN
2736.20 BGN
2280.17 BGN w/o vat
Roland BK-3-BK
Backing Keyboard - Your Personal Backup Band • 61 keys • Color: Black • WARRANTY: 3 years
838.63 BGN
628.97 BGN
524.14 BGN w/o vat
Roland BK-5
Backing Keyboard - Number One for One-Man Bands • 61 keys • Color Black • WARRANTY: 3 years
1496.40 BGN
1289.68 BGN
1074.73 BGN w/o vat
Roland BK-9 **
Backing Keyboard - A World of Music at Your Command • 76 Velocity Sensitive Key Touch • Color Black • WARRANTY: 3 years
3249.53 BGN
1989.76 BGN
1658.13 BGN w/o vat
Roland BK-7m
Backing Module - Dream machine for the entertaining artist or solo musician who needs a backing band onstage, in the studio, or at home • Great tones, music styles, and rhythms onboard • WARRANTY: 3 years
1729.30 BGN
1519.68 BGN
1266.40 BGN w/o vat
Roland FA-06
Music Workstation - Taking the “Work” Out of the Music Workstation • 61 keys (with velocity) • Color Black • WARRANTY: 3 years
2214.79 BGN
1640.95 BGN
1367.46 BGN w/o vat
Roland FA-07
Music Workstation - Taking the “Work” Out of the Music Workstation • 76 keys • semi-weighted keyboard with velocity • Color Black • WARRANTY: 3 years
2620.36 BGN
2345.05 BGN
1954.21 BGN w/o vat