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Ново  Roland FANTOM-6
Music Workstation - FANTOM is the fastest way to turn inspiration into creation • 61-note keyboard • WARRANTY: 3 years
6682.60 лв
5568.83 лв без ддс
Ново  Roland FANTOM-7
Music Workstation - FANTOM is the fastest way to turn inspiration into creation • 76-note keyboard • WARRANTY: 3 years
7064.63 лв
5887.19 лв без ддс
Ново  Roland CCR-JP8TM
T-shirt - Model: JUPITER-8 • Size: M
30.55 лв
25.46 лв без ддс
Ново  Roland HP704-CH Set
Digital Piano - Authentic piano touch with four-speaker audio system • Color: Dark Rosewood (DR) • WARRANTY: 10 years
3831.64 лв
3647.63 лв
3039.69 лв без ддс
Ново  Roland HP704-WH Set
Digital Piano - Authentic piano touch with four-speaker audio system • Color: White (WH) • WARRANTY: 10 years
3831.64 лв
3647.63 лв
3039.69 лв без ддс
Ново  Roland DJ-707M
DJ Controller - Especially designed for mobile DJs Overview
2085.80 лв
1740.70 лв
1450.58 лв без ддс
Ново  Roland MC-707
GROOVEBOX - It has everything you need to create a song or perform a live set without a computer.
1900.34 лв
1583.62 лв без ддс
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Roland DAP-3X
V-Drums Accessary Package - Essential Accessories for V-Drummers
339.56 лв
298.82 лв
249.02 лв без ддс
Roland PM-03
Drum Monitor - 2.1-channel • Compact V-Drums Monitor • Easy setup • WARRANTY: 5 years
Roland SPD-SX
Sampling Pad - The perfect addition to any acoustic or electronic drum kit, percussion setup, DJ booth or keyboard rig for live stage, recording studio, pre-production suite or dance club performance • WARRANTY: 3 years
1366.73 лв
1230.23 лв
1025.19 лв без ддс
Roland SPD-30
Total Percussion Pad - Color: Black • WARRANTY: 3 years
1519.14 лв
1265.95 лв без ддс
Roland HPD-20
Digital Hand Percussion - Dynamic E-Percussion for Stage and Studio
1733.92 лв
1444.93 лв без ддс
Roland SPD-1k
Percussion Pad - SPD::ONE KICK • The Simplest Way to Add Four-on-the-Floor Beats and Kick Drums to Your Performances • WARRANTY: 3 years
418.40 лв
348.67 лв без ддс
Roland EC-10
ELCajon - Electronic Layered Cajon • 30 built-in electronic kits for layering with acoustic cajon sounds • WARRANTY: 3 years
783.80 лв
653.17 лв без ддс
Roland PDS-10
Pad Stand - The stand is designed to be used with Roland’s HPD-, SPD-, VG-, and VB-series instruments, which include the HandSonic 10, HandSonic 15, SPD-20, SPD-S, VG-99, and VB-99. Overview
188.16 лв
156.80 лв без ддс
Roland GR-S **
Guitar effect - V-Guitar Space • Offers four amazing tones • A Color knob offers wide tonal possibility to each four tones • Equipped with connections for easy integration with amps, stomps, multi-effects, and other V-Guitar devices • The ...
495.22 лв
346.66 лв
288.88 лв без ддс
Roland GR-55S-BK
Guitar Synthesizer - Over 900 of Roland’s latest fully editable PCM sounds, including pianos, organs, strings, vintage synths, and much more • Two types of multi-effects engines, plus global reverb, chorus, and delay effects, and an onboard ...
1094.45 лв
1015.08 лв
845.90 лв без ддс