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Ново  tc electronic BAM200
Ultra-Compact 200 Watt Bass Head with Class-D Amp Technology BAM200 combines dynamic punchy tone and loads of headroom with amazing low-end performance, putting an end to your quest for the ‘holy grail’ of tiny bass amps. With 200 Watts ...
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330.53 лв
Ново  tc electronic Honey Pot Fuzz
Vintage-Flavored Fuzz Pedal with Massive Wall of Tones and Miles of Sustain Honey Pot Fuzz is the kind of fuzz box that blurs the lines between fuzz and distortion in a most pleasing way.
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Ново  tc electronic IMPULSE IR LOADER
Cab Sim and IR Loader with 25 Built-in IR, 12 Official Celestion Cab Models, 99 IR Slots, A/B Mode and Support for IR up to 200ms [b;Product Features:]
252.30 лв
Ново  tc electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer
Sample and Sustain TonePrint Pedal with Optional Layering, Integrated FX LOOP Reverb and Modulation The name says it all. With INFINITE on your board, you’ll be able to capture and sustain a moment in audio. If DITTO LOOPER is like the c ...
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Ново  tc electronic Grand Magus Distortion
Organic Tube-Like Distortion with Tight Bottom-End and Natural Sag Overflowing with organic tube amplifier-like distortion, tube compression and tight bottom-end tone, GRAND MAGUS DISTORTION channels the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Co ...
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Ново  tc electronic Magus Pro
Classic High Gain Distortion Pedal with Fat Mids, Treble Filter Control and 3 Clipping Modes Versatile Classic Analog Distortion
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Ново  tc electronic Zeus Overdrive
Legendary Dynamic Overdrive Boost Pedal with FAT Mod Switch and Optional Buffered Bypass ZEUS DRIVE has arrived direct from the heavens. With its highly sought-after overdrive boost circuit, this golden chalice among overdrive pedals has ...
154.50 лв
Ново  tc electronic Eyemaster Metal Distortion
Skull-Pounding Metal Distortion Pedal with 2-Knob Interface for Insane Gain EYEMASTER METAL DISTORTION
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Ново  tc electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor
Bass Compressor Pedal Multi-Band Compression for Bass
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Ново  tc electronic Sub 'n' Up Mini Octaver
Sub 'n' Up Mini Octaver • Compact Version of Hugely Popular Sub 'N' Up Octaver with Advanced Polyponic Octave Engine and TonePrint-Enabled Technology for Easy Custom Effects
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Ново  tc electronic UniTune Clip
UniTune Clip • Clip-on Chromatic Tuner
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Ново  tc electronic UniTune Clip Noir
UniTune Clip • Clip-on Chromatic Tuner, Black
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Ново  tc electronic WireTap Riff Recorder
WireTap Riff Recorder • Ultra-Compact Riff Recorder with 8 Hours of Recording Time, Syncable with WireTap App for Songwriting "On the Go"
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Ново  tc electronic Flashback 2 mini Delay
Legendary Ultra-Compact Delay Pedal with MASH Footswitch and New Tape and Analog Algorithms Old school saturated tape echoes, warm, gritty analog delays, crispy clean digital repeats and everything in between.
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Ново  tc electronic Fangs Metal Distortion
Ultra-Thick, High Gain Distortion with Super Tight Response Tap into a world of high-gain decadence as FANGS METAL DISTORTION and its super-versatile set of tone tools sculpts your sonic onslaught to perfection. From ultra-tight thrash t ...
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Ново  tc electronic Ditto Looper
Ditto Looper • Highly Intuitive Looper Pedal with 5 Minutes of Looping Time, Analog-Dry-Through and True Bypass
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Ново  tc electronic Ditto + Looper
Next Generation 60-Minute Multi-session Looper Pedal
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Ново  tc electronic Ditto Stereo Looper
Ditto Stereo Looper • Looper Pedal with Stereo I/O and Loop Import/Export
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tc electronic Power Core MK II upgrade
DSP PCI Card PCI card for in-built PowerCore plug-in acceleration
1771.37 лв
610.22 лв
tc electronic Power Core unplugged+VSS3
Power Core PCI unplugged+VSS3
1204.01 лв
tc electronic RC 4 Remote Control
TC Electronic RC 4, Floorpanel with Presets and Tuner Display Large, Ultra-precise Chromatic Tuner Display
340.32 лв
tc electronic RH450 **
Bass Head - 450W,
1504.43 лв
1009.21 лв
tc electronic SCF
tc electronic SCF - chorus/flanger FX pedal.
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tc electronic Voice Doubler **
Proper vocal double tracking takes skill and time in the studio and is nearly impossible to accurately create the effect in live performance. The pitch and timing cues that tell the brain how many people are singing are subtle and complex. ...
701.75 лв
645.42 лв
tc electronic Voice Tone Double
VoiceTone Double, automatic voice doubler, MIC Input XLR with 48V Phantom Power, balanced Line Out XLR (L=mono, R=dry), LED-Display, Switch for A/B and On, Rotary Knobs for Input, Pitch, Time, Overdub and uMod, 9 Presets, Power Supply inclu ...
485.83 лв
tc electronic Voice Tone Harmony - G XT
Voice Tone Harmony - G XT - Create harmony parts automatically,
490.52 лв
tc electronic VoiceLive Harmony Correction Effects
Voice Harmony, Comp & EQ, Pitch Correction, Mic Pre & TC Effects
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